How much for these terminals $$

How much for these terminals $$

Post by Have a nice da » Wed, 13 Feb 1991 03:46:07

Do you have any idea what these terminals are worth?

Unisys    SVT 1120
Unisys    SVT 1121
Unisys    UTS 20W
Unisys    UTS 30W

I may have a chance to buy these and have some extra left over (300)
if anyone is interested.

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1. Small terminal or flatscreen terminal

Does anyone know a source, address and/or phone number, of a company
that sells small terminals and/or flat screen terminals. I want to mount
a small terminal in several rooms of my house and drive them from a central
Linux server. The best solution would be a flat screen terminal that I could
mount on the wall. While a full keyboard would be nice, I will drive the
terminal using a menu system. I want them for my home automation project.
Now for the hard part, cost. A dumb terminal should only cost $150 to $300
at most. I can't afford a $1500 custom terminal. VT100 emulation would also
be nice. The termcap already has an entry for VT100 and I could use curses
for screen display. The only source I have now is a company called Timeline
that sells a MicroTerminal for $100 each or 2 for $150. They only display
40x16 characters. The keyboard is non-QWERTY with 80 or 81 keys. I considered
buying an old laptop, but they are hard to find or they want $1000 each for
anything small enough to be usefull.

I will now thank anyone in advance for the desired information. Please email

Sorry for posting through email. We can only read news through our firewall.

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