Need info about Wyse 60

Need info about Wyse 60

Post by Alexander Kinz » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 23:56:29


Did you ever had the problem of getting service manuals for some
devices you had? Especially for one that had a malfunction and you
thought, you could fix that, if only you could get some information
about it?

That's my story:

Somebody gave me an old Wyse 60 Terminal, which unfortunetly didn't
work.  So I looked on the board and found on transistor burned
out. The isolator of the cooling plate had melted and the board itself
in that area had turned from green to black, but seems still be ok.  I
looked up the type of the transistor and found out, that it is/was an
high power transistor, which is mainly used for horizontal deflection
stages. No wonder, the terminal screen stays black after power on. But
the Terminal beeps one time, when turned on, so I hope, it's only that
part of the circuit, which is damaged.

I did buy a new transistor and put it in (it isn't expensive, so I
thought I should risk it). Result: I do know now, that it is not only
the transistor which is damaged and my collection now consist of two
dead transistors.

So I had to go to plan B: Getting a service manual, or at least the
electrical layout, in order to repair it the right way.

But that is not that easy, as I first thought. Up to know I have not
managed to get hold of one. In one case, some dealer told me, that he
maybe could get one for me, but that it would cost a minimum of
$50. He couldn't exactly tell, but anything in that price area is too
much. A functioning used one isn't much more. All the others just
didn't know or did say something like "authorized personal only".  Of
course "authorized" doesn't mean qualified by knowledge, but qualified
by company policy.

That led to the point, where I changed from my native language to
English (Sorry, if I am torturing you!) and wrote this letter.

I hope somebody on the net can tell me, where I could find some
informations (which do not cost a fortune) about this terminal. Or
maybe someone already has the necessary paper and is willing to give
me a copy?

Thank you!



Need info about Wyse 60

Post by gary crow » Sun, 09 Oct 1994 00:58:30

If you will call me at 916.783.7647 I'll arrange for you to get the
information.  I have schematics and other tech info on these terminals


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                                                Thanks miket.
Mike Truax:
UUCP:           {decvax,siesmo,inhp4,}!masscomp!miket
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