Benchmarking in Software.

Benchmarking in Software.

Post by Kamal Mubarak » Mon, 23 May 1994 14:09:50


I am interesting in benchmarking a gate-level simulation.  Specifically,
this is a simulation of a floating point unit on a  Mac  program  called
DesignWorks.  What I am interested in, is some estimation  of  what  the
relevant benchmarks would turn out to be if this FPU were to  be  etched
in silicon.  Any ideas how I may go about doing this? Are the SPEC loops
published somewhere that I can look them up?

Thanks for any help.



1. Benchmark Logiciel France 1995 (Software Development Benchmark)

In french: Martinig & Associs organise en ce moment un
benchmark (gratuit!) sur le processus de dveloppement du logiciel
en France. Toutes les organisations (entreprise ou administration)
qui dsirent y participer sont pries d'envoyer leurs coordonnes

En anglais : Martinig & Associates is curently performing a benchmark
of the software development process of French organisations. If you
are reading this part, there is a big chance that you are not
concerned by the benchmark. If you are interested in assessing your
software development process, this service is part of the
organisational subscription to the Methods & Tools newsletter ($60).
Look at <> for more information...

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