Free Database Benchmarks (TPC, AS3AP, etc.)

Free Database Benchmarks (TPC, AS3AP, etc.)

Post by BobG » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Download a free copy of Benchmark Factory 97 from our web site at

Below is our press release describing Benchmark Factory 97:

Client/Server Solutions Inc. Announces Benchmark Factory 97

Tool provides pre-developed industry standard benchmarks and enables users
to easily create and run their own benchmarks.

October 8, 1997 Client/Server Solutions Inc., today announced Benchmark
Factory 97, the first benchmark development environment for multiple
application types, including database, web, mail and file services. In
addition, it is the only commercially available product to provide
pre-developed industry standard benchmarks, like the TPC-B, TPC-C, TPC-D,
AS3AP, Wisconsin and Set Query.

"Now performance testers and capacity planners can quickly analyze a system
without writing a single line of programming code," said Brian Butler,
Client/Server Solutions President. "Using the factory analogy, Benchmark
Factory 97? contains benchmark parts and fully assembled benchmarks. This
means that testers can run a benchmark like the TPC-C within minutes of
loading the software."

"This product is truly amazing," said Jim Gray, editor of The Benchmark
Handbook, manager of Microsofts Bay Area Research Center and the foremost
authority on benchmarks. "I wish Benchmark Factory 97 had been available the
last time I ran a benchmark."

Like a carousel CD player programmed to play your selections, Benchmark
Factory 97? lets you run multiple benchmarks. Benchmark Factory 97 can
pinpoint system bottlenecks in a fraction of the time required by other
tools on the market.

Visual Control Center
Users will find Benchmark Factory 97 extremely easy to learn and use. Its
Visual Control Center - the testers "dashboard" - has a Windows 95 look and
feel, so even first-time benchmark testers feel at home loading, running,
and customizing benchmarks.

Virtual Users
Benchmark Factory 97 uses lightweight threads to spawn Virtual User
sessions, so it can simulate hundreds of users on just one workstation. This
means that the workload of thousands of users can be simulated with very few
test machines.

Graphical Data Analysis
Because test results are more easily analyzed when theyre presented
graphically, Benchmark Factory 97TM delivers test information in a variety
of familiar formats. Users can select both the information to be analyzed as
well as the display style, so performance-tuning moves rapidly.
Benchmark Software Development Kit

Each Benchmark Factory 97 pre-developed benchmark is a highly optimized
Dynamic Link Library (DLL) created with the C++ programming language. The
Benchmark Factory 97 Professional version includes the Benchmark Foundation
Classes (BFC), a C++ framework built upon Microsoft Foundation Classes
(MFC). This technology enables benchmark developers to create custom
transactions that accurately model their systems.

Pricing and Availability
Benchmark Factory 97 will be available October 10th 1997 from Client/Server
Solutions, Inc. for $4995. The product includes 50 Virtual User (V-User)
licenses and support for ODBC connections.

Benchmark programmers can purchase Benchmark Factory 97 Professional? for
$9995. This product includes 100 V-User licenses, support for ODBC
connections, one native database driver, the Benchmark Foundation Classes
and C++ benchmark source code.

Additional native database drivers can be purchased for $1995 per driver and
additional V-User licenses can be purchased for $495 per 50.

About Client/Server Solutions, Inc.
Since 1991, Client/Server Solutions, Inc. has been a premier client/server
applications developer and performance consulting firm. Many of its
associates are also recognized industry leaders whose articles are regularly
published in industry magazines. We have encapsulated years of benchmark
experience into our products so our customers can reap the benefits.