Where to get benchmarks

Where to get benchmarks

Post by Wasupa » Wed, 05 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Sorry sir.
   I am new user.I just buy PII computer.I want to check about my
computer.Where can I get benchmarks program.Where site to download
or ftp site( that I think better ).Please advise me.

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Hello there,
I'm using the WMPI (The windows32 mpi) on a 3 computers network,
Trying to make some benchmarks i used the pallas benchmarking suite,
using the standard settings and optional settings led to unacceptable
values of times.

Theoretically the time must increase with the message size being sent
increase, However this will be some errors in the practical case..

But the results was very strange the time first increases then as the
message size (the load) increases the time decreases !!!,after a while
as the load increases, the time begin increasing again..

Does anyone has a reasonable explanation.....

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