CFP:CFP: Reading Workshops on Parallele Computing CFP:CFP

CFP:CFP: Reading Workshops on Parallele Computing CFP:CFP

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The Parallel, Emergent, & Distributed Architectures Laboratory (PEDAL) in
conjunction with the Dept of Computer Science at Reading University announces
a series of workshops on the broad theme of parallel computing.

The intention of these workshops is to provide a forum for both academia
and industry to meet and discuss key issues in the area of
Parallel & Disributed processing and the related field of emergent
computing structures which often relies on implicit recognition or direct
use of parallelism.

The first workshop is planned for 28-29 Mar 96 in Reading (see call for
papers below). All papers will be reviewed and will appear in the proceedings
to be distributed at the workshop. In addition selected papers on particular
themes will be considered for publication in a book series on advances in
parallel computing.

Finally there will be an award for the best paper (in the series) by a
postgraduate student or Research Assistant registred for a Higher

For more information or if you are interested in sponsoring an event please
contact :-


Best Paper Award Rules :

(1) The authors of the paper must registered for a Higher Degree (e.g. PhD)
    at a recognized academic institution (either full-time or part-time).

    where a paper is has multiple authors all authors should be registered

(2) A finalist will be selected from each of the Workshops in the series
    and the winner selected from this shortlist.

(3) The selection will be made on quality, timeliness, and perceived impact
    on the field. Review or survey papers will not be considered.

(4) The decision will be made by an independent panel appointed by the
    workshop organisers and their decision will be final.

(5) The award will consist of a certificate citing the authors and the paper
    title (for each finalist) and a contribution towards attending an overseas
    conference to present a paper for the overall winner.

(6) Any papers published in (5) must give due acknowledgement to the support
    of the Workshop programme.




                  Announcement and first call for papers
                     March 28-29 96, Reading University

The problem of monitoring and evaluating is essential for our
understanding of the ways in which components of high performance
systems interact and hence how we can exploit them effectively. Papers
are invited on all aspects of performance monitoring and evaluation
including, but not limited to

*  Benchmarking
*  Software support for effective measurement
*  problems in measurement
*  dynamic systems
*  real-time systems
*  process control
*  emergent (monitoring techniques)
*  reliability (performance degradation)
*  scalability


  Extended Abstract (3 A4 pages max) 25 January 1996

  Authors notified by 15 Feburary 1996

  Full paper required (10 pages, 10pt, A4 Max) 15 March 1996


Extended abstract should consist of a summary including a short
description of the problem and its significant with references to
previous work. A submission should consist of the extended abstract
together with title, authors names and affiliations, addresses contact
numbers and email addresses.

Abstracts can be submitted in hardcopy form or as postscript files to
the address below. Further details of style for the final papers will
be issued at the time of acceptance.

Submission should be made to the Prof G.M. Megson, PEDAL, Dept
Computer Science, The University of Reading, PO Box 225, Whiteknights,

1734 751994, TEL +44 1734 318600.


 The Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems Laboratory is at

 General Information and Calls for Papers for the Reading Workshops on
 Parallel Computing are based at: