IDL and Emacs: idl.el, idl-shell.el updates

IDL and Emacs: idl.el, idl-shell.el updates

Post by Chris Chase S » Thu, 30 Jun 1994 10:50:54

Okay, I have put idl.el (version 1.14) and idl-shell.el (version 1.12)
at two anonymous FTP sites that I hope people can get.  They are
located at:


idl.el is a mode for editing IDL .pro files.  It hasn't changed much
since the last time I released it.

idl-shell.el is a mode for running IDL as a subprocess of emacs in an
emacs buffer.  Command history and editing are better than with IDL in
a terminal window.  Debugging and displaying of current execution
point are provided.  This version is a much improved version over the
last one - breakpoints are acurately tracked and the statement to be
executed next is correct (at least in the limited number of tests that
I performed) in spite of IDL's inadequacies.  I also added menus and
display of compilation syntax errors.  With all the changes I imagine
there will be some bugs.

Please let me know what your experiences are (especially with

Bug reports, comments and suggestions welcome.

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The Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University
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1. idl.el and idl-shell.el for emacs updates

In response to some feedback, I have updated idl.el and idl-shell.el
(formerly called idl-shell-model.el)

The latest versions:

idl.el 1.4

A Gnu emacs editing mode for IDL/WAVE procedure files.  Incorporates
features of wave.el by Lubos Pochman, Precision Visuals, Boulder.

idl-shell.el 1.5

Run IDL/WAVE as a subprocess of Gnu Emacs in a buffer. It is only
really useful for emacs and IDL running under X windows. Use all the
familiar emacs commands including command history.  Also set
breakpoints in source code visible in another window and see the
display of the current line of execution in the source.  This is based
on comint.el so it requires Gnu Emacs version 19 to run.  This is
essentially a beta test release.

You can obtain these via anonymous ftp at:

in the directory /pub/idl

I appreciate Pat Ryan (keeper of the FAQ) making his archive available
for distributing this.  I think it would be too distracting to
distribute the source on a regular basis via comp.lang.idl-pvwave.

I would appreciate any feedback and bug reports that you can give me,
even if it is "how do I use such and such or accomplish this and

I hope you find this useful,
Bldg 24-E188
The Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University
(301)953-6000 x8529

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