Competitive upgrade from Matlab to IDL for Power Macintosh

Competitive upgrade from Matlab to IDL for Power Macintosh

Post by Research Systems, In » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

The decision to drop Matlab on the Macintosh came as a great surprise.
As a software company with many satisfied Macintosh customers, Research
Systems considers the Power Macintosh an important platform for
technical data analysis and visualization, both now and in the future.
We would like to extend a special, time-limited competitive upgrade
offer to Mac MathWorks customers to try IDL, a similar, technically-
oriented language.

If you act before December 31, 1997, North American Matlab users can
purchase a license of IDL 5.0 for the Power Macintosh for $499, one-
third the regular price of $1,500. The competitive upgrade is a
perpetual IDL 5.0 single-user license for Power Macintoshes running
MacOS 7.1.2 and higher (MacOS 8 is fully supported). This license
includes the IDL 5.0 CD-ROM and the full documentation set in online
format. All of IDLs features are included; there is no need to
purchase additional, extra-cost toolboxes. The competitive upgrade
plus complete IDL documentation in paper format is available for $599.  

Just send your name, organization, shipping address, phone number

or by fax to (303) 786-9909. To qualify for this special offer, you
will need to send us your Matlab version 4 or higher CD-ROM or
diskettes as proof of your status as a Matlab customer. North American
IDL customers with current software maintenance contracts are also
eligible for this offer. This offer is not extended to users of The
Student Edition of Matlab or the IDL Student Version.

IDL, the Interactive Data Language, is an array-based, 4th generation
language for data analysis, visualization, and application development.
IDL's features include advanced image processing, interactive 2D and
3D graphics, map projections, volume visualization, integrated
mathematics and statistics, flexible data I/O, a cross-platform GUI
toolkit and much more. Object-oriented programming, OpenGL accelerated
graphics, an easy to use GUI visualization environment, and the IDL
Development Environment are recent enhancements to IDLs broad analysis
and visualization capabilities.

Like Matlab, IDL is an interactive, cross-platform technical computing
environment. Unlike Matlab, IDL was designed from the outset as a high-
performance environment for processing and displaying large, multi-
dimensional data. IDL has long included support for a wide variety of
data types, including byte, integer, 32-bit signed integer, 32-bit
floating point, 64-bit double-precision floating point, complex,
double-precision complex and string data. For these and other reasons,
IDL is used extensively in physics, medical imaging, test engineering,
earth and space science. For example, IDL is the software of choice
for processing Hubble Space Telescope data and monitoring El Ni?o
conditions. To learn more about IDL, visit our Website at

Research Systems is strongly committed to supporting the MacOS on
PowerPC-based platforms. The Power Mac is an ideal platform for our
products, as its high-performance processing and state-of-the-art
graphics complement IDL's strengths. We are evaluating beta versions
of Rhapsody with the intent of supporting it. We are extremely
interested in user feedback with respect to Rhapsody adoption plans.
In addition to the Power Macintosh platform, IDL also supports
Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, OpenVMS and all popular
versions of Unix, including Linux and Solaris x86.

Competitive Upgrade Offer
Research Systems, Inc.
2995 Wilderness Place
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 786-9900
Fax: (303) 786-9909

Matlab and The Student Edition of Matlab are registered trademarks
of The MathWorks, Inc. IDL and Interactive Data Language are
registered trademarks of Research Systems, Inc. All other product
or brand names are the property of their respective owners.


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