Another ? v5.5.5 etc and v 6.x

Another ? v5.5.5 etc and v 6.x

Post by Stephen Pik » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

will the 5 versions be compatible with the six versions? That is if my
friend has version six plug-in and i have version five (because
honestly, i dont feel like upgrading -- i just learned how to use this
version) can we still communicate pgp encrypted e-mails?

stephen p.


1. Mac pgp v5.5.5 Error -11320 Insufficient random bits error.

Please read the documentation and learn how to turn off this
feature when you post to newsgroups, since they are not "mail readers".

PGP cannot find the "PGP Random Seed" file.  Put it in the "Pretty
Good Preferences" folder in your "Preferences" folder in your "System" folder.
Then tell PGP where to find it.

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