gpg signing test

gpg signing test

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if(democrats == republicans) {vote(libertarian);}
Version: GnuPG v1.2.2-nr2 (Windows XP)



1. PGP and GPG (+ GPG Shell)


Is anybody aware of incompatibilities between PGP and GPG?

At work, I am using PGP Freeware version 7.0.3 on Windows 98.
At home, I am running Windows Me and I tried to use GPG and
GPG Shell (2.27). But it is important for me to be able to
share some keys between my workplace and my home.

When I try to import, at home, the keys generated by PGP 7.0.3
into GPG Keys (they have been exported and placed into a '.ASC'
file at work), I get the following errors:

- No message from Gnu PG -

Run-time error 53: file not found

Does anybody have an idea why GPGkey is unable to import a key
from my file?

Thank you for your help

Marie-No?lle Baechler

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