PGP & Eudora: problem replying to PGP/mime e-mail

PGP & Eudora: problem replying to PGP/mime e-mail

Post by Simon » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

If somebody sends me a PGP/mime e-mail then I click on its icon within
the e-mail and enter my pass phrase to decode it, then the e-mail is
displayed. The problem is then when I hit the reply icon in Eudora --
I get something like the following:

Quote:>Run Plugin:"c:\programme\qualcomm\eudora mail\attach\Re mailer.ems <0880.0001>"

These are then the only 2 lines in the reply. Neither the PGP Encrypt
or PGP Sign icons for this e-mail are inherrited from the previous

Is this a bug or a feature? :-)





Hi y'all,
I'm setting up a PGP infrastructure at my company and was wondering what
relationship there is between PGP and SMIME and PGP/MIME. Specifically,
if I create a PGP key, what tools/software is available to let me use
that key to sign MIME messages. If there isn't anything yet, where
should I look for upcoming products? (Note: I understand how NS
Messenger uses SMIME, but I'd rather stick with a PGP based solution
since NS signing doesn't seem to be widely accepted)
David Mann

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