How PGP Signed Keys Work (Was: How PGP Works)

How PGP Signed Keys Work (Was: How PGP Works)

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Quote:>8) Signatures on Public Keys
>P0() is just data, and, as such, can be fed to S0(md5()) to obtain a
>signature.   When you sign your public key you are forming [P0(),
>S0(md5(P0()))] as in 3). P0() can now be authenticated as in 4).
>Other signatures can be attached to attest to the authenticity of P0().
>If the owners of S1(), S2(), and S3() are convinced that P0() belongs to
>you, then each can attach a signature to P0(), forming
>[P0(), {S0(md5(P0())), S1(md5(P0())),S2(md5(P0())),S3(md5(P0()))}]
>Someone in possession of P2(), who trusts its owner, can authenticate
>P0() as in 4).

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A little clarification is needed on how Public Keys are signed:

A Public Key (P0) is composed of several parts:

- -- (P0k) Public Key Block: This is your modulus n & exponent e plus a few bytes of other data
- -- (P0i1) User Id Block:    This is the text of your userid
- -- (P0s1) Signature Block:  This is the attached signature as discribed above.

Now what is signed when you sign a key is P0s1=S0(md5(P0k||P0i1)) and is appended to the end of your keyring.

Now if you have multiple signatures:

- -- (P0k)
- --   (P0i1)
- --     (P0s1)
- --     (P0s2)
- --     (P0s3)

when you sign the key only md5(P0k||P0i1) is signed not the other signatures (P0s2,P0s3).

Now this may seem nit picking but here comes the important part:

If you have multiple userID's for a key:

- -- (P0k) FFFFFFFF
- --   (P0i1) John Doe
- --     (P0s1)
- --     (P0s2)
- --     (P0s3)
- --   (P0i2) Ben Hur
- --     (P0s4)
- --     (P0s5)

when you sign the key above PGP defaults to signing md5(P0k||P0i1) where (P0i1) is the primary user id. It does not sign the other userID.

To get PGP to sign the second userID you must at the command prompt:

PGP -ks "Ben Hur"

if you do a PGP -ks 0xFFFFFFFF the primary userID gets signed.

Now this presents another problem: "What happens when you have more than 1 key with the same userID?". This is a problem since you can not reference the key by it's keyID you may mistakenly sign the wrong key.

1st what you should do is:

PGP -kvvc "Ben Hur"

This will list all the keys with "Ben Hur" as a userID. Look through the list and find the keyID for the key you wish to sign (0xFFFFFFFF).

Now extract the key to a temp keyring:

PGP -kx 0xFFFFFFFF temp.pgp

Now sign "Ben Hur" in temp.pgp:

PGP -ks "Ben Hur" temp.pgp

Now add the key back to your pubring.pgp:

PGP -ka temp.pgp

That's it. :)

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