Problem with Network Associates PGP keyserver

Problem with Network Associates PGP keyserver

Post by Bill Colia » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I've just become active in using Network Associates. I would like to use it
and distribute my public keys with it. The problem I have that when I first
began experimenting with it several years ago, several public keys were sent
to it. This was first precipitated by a bug in the PGP setup procedure (I
won't go into here). I no longer have access to the original keyrings that
were generated.
o Is there any way to revoke those keys or clean it up?
o If there is no way, how can I tell which public key block is the most
o Is there a reliable alternate keyserver I can use where I can make a clean
o How can I contact Network Associates about this problem?



1. Network Associates / PGP / Sales Problem

My understanding of the PGP/NA situation is that the folks at PGP weren't
too happy with the takeover... (the owners were plenty happy, but the
support personel were kinda left in the cold).  Anyway... Since the
acquisition, PGP has not been performing their duties in support of their
products.  They are still around and are definitely not out-of-business...
but they are dealing with a lot of confusion at the moment.  I wish I could
answer your question, but I am in a similar situation.  Best bet is to wait
it out... unless someone else knows how to get some response out of them.


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