and other PGP news/mailing lists ? and other PGP news/mailing lists ?

Post by F. Rodrigue » Wed, 17 Oct 2001 07:00:37


I'd like to know how I can get as a mailing list
Are there any servers offering/relaying this ? Or are there any other PGP
mailing lists ?

Thanks for any information.

F. Rodriguez (fabian at toxik dot com)


1., FINAL NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal


There are several things wrong with the original message.  

server lookup query.  The Usenet administrators use their real
addresses without munging.  

at least to the latter and often to the former.  

Over the past 24 months, no vote of this kind was announced in

votes are proposed via announcements in both of those newsgroups.
They are then discussed in the former before the vote is taken.
The formal vote is announced twice in the latter.  The results are
then posted in both newsgroups.  I monitor

were posted there.  

If I surely knew the original message were posted by a troll, I
would not respond.  However, sometimes a  newgroup hooligan issues
an actual remgroup message (to remove a newsgroup), which a few
news server operators will accept without checking authenticity.
As a result, the newsgroup disappears from some servers.  If your

sure to contact the administrator and alert him or her to the
possibility of a bogus remgroup message.  


David E. Ross

Concerned about someone snooping into your E-mail?
Use PGP.  See my <>

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