signed and encrypted pgp message vs. encrpted only

signed and encrypted pgp message vs. encrpted only

Post by Thomas J. Boschlo » Fri, 06 Apr 2001 22:26:00


> is it possible for a third party (someone without keys) to tell just from a
> pgp message block whether the message has been signed and encrypted, or
> only encrypted?

No. The message would be several bytes larger however, but the signature
is (always) inside the encryption. So the receiver will have to decrypt

Your from line would be very telling however, but I see you are using a
remailer ;-)


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1. PGP 5.0 encrypting, not signing news messages..

I'm having some difficulties with signing newsgroup messages (Linux, slrn
& PGP 5.0i) - on some occasions instead of signing the messages (a small
macro invoking pgps -ta -o .followup-body) it often does one of two things:

Appears to work OK, but encrypt the message (to me it seems) instead of signing
Give a message after writing that a "SizeAdvise Promise not kept" - thus the
end of the (otherwise signed) message is deleted.

Is this a not-uncommon occurrence? It's a major PITA and I'd be interested to
hear of anyone else with a similar experience, or even better a fix/workaround.

Michael Fleming.

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