Anyone here using Kremlin 2.21? Disapearing ISP passwords.

Anyone here using Kremlin 2.21? Disapearing ISP passwords.

Post by Nomen Nesci » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 03:00:03

I was going to give Kremlin 2.21 a good thorough try out after
having it recommended. However I am guite concerned by what it
may have done to my PC. I run Win98.

My normal routine is to install an application then after one
session to uninstall it in order to see what the programme has
left on the HD. I discovered that both my dialler and my
newsreader no longer remembered my half dozen ISP passwords. And
still don't, even after I tick the appropriate box. On top of
that every time I boot up I am confronted with a box requesting
both a username and a password. And yes I have tried clicking
exit without filling in anything but the box continues to re-
appear at every boot-up.

I cannot find anything in the blurb which comes with the
application about this peculiar activity.

Any suggestions regarding how I can reverse the situation would
be appreciated. Also is it possible to run this application
without this happening again? It is quite a bore having to type
in a password every time I want to access my ISP.

Any good alternative around?