Tempest cost

Tempest cost

Post by Gamma300 » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 01:46:01

Approxamatly how much would the hardware/manpower/knowledge for a tempest
attack cost?

1. TEMPEST switches or Printer Sharers wanted

I'm trying to find any sort of RS-232 switch that meets the US
Government TEMPEST specs for RF emanations.  It seems nobody I've
talked to wants to make them - why spend $500K - $1M to certify
something that normall retails for $100?  Anyway, if you know anyone
who makes them, I'd appreciate hearing.

                Thanks;  Bill Stewart
# Bill Stewart, AT&T Bell Labs 2G218 Holmdel NJ 201-949-0705 ho95c.att.com!wcs
# Washington, DC.  Raining.  Long, cold, heavy rain.  I went home to New Jersey
# where the weather was great, but when I got back to DC it was raining again.
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