HELP: PGP Disk 700MB NTFS doesn't work but 500MB does????

HELP: PGP Disk 700MB NTFS doesn't work but 500MB does????

Post by Lars Johansso » Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:18:24

I have a problem with a PGP Disk and I'm using PGP 6.5.8. It's a 700MB large
PGP Disk, formatted with NTFS, which I can't access.

The disk is created with Win2k (Pro SP2) and the file has been working in
that machine. Now I upgraded that machine to Win XP and I thought that I
just open the disk from another computer, running an OS supporting PGP but
that is just impossible.

I've tried to open the file from a Win2K Server (SP2), Win2k Pro (SP2) and
NT 4 Workstation (SP6) but I always get the same error message "The PGPdisk
does not appear to be formatted. Do you want to format it now?".

Tried using a backup but it's the same problem.

I also have a 500MB PGPDisk formatted with NTFS wich works just fine in the
OS mentioned above. (Not in Win XP but that is the understandable). But why
wont the 700MB file work?

I've downloaded the PGPDisk 7.01 (?) trial ware but the result is also the

I can modify the 700MB file, changing pass phrase adding keys and so on but
I can't open it without the error message.

I've (now) read that there are problems with PGP Disk and the disk formatted
with NTFS and large volumes but I haven't seen any resolutions to the

I you have any ideas please send me your thoughts.

Lars Johansson


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