PGP 5.0i - will it come with Plug-Ins?

PGP 5.0i - will it come with Plug-Ins?

Post by Michael Fe » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00


Does anyone know whether the international Version of PGP 5.0 will
also include the Plug-Ins (particularly for Eudora) that come with the
Free US-Version?



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1. Possible Bug in PGP 6.0 and Outlook/OE Plug-ins

Hash: SHA1

I believe that I may have found a bug in the Outlook 98 and Outlook
Express plug-ins that are included in the latest release of PGP,
version 6.0.

After conventionally encrypting a file, I attempted to sign an
e-mail using the PGP Outlook Plug-in. After entering the complete
and correct passphrase, the passphrase dialog disappeared and then
re-appeared, notifying me that the passphrases didn't match.

I began to wonder if this had anything to do with the error I
encountered while entering a passphrase to conventionally encrypt
the aforementioned file. I had received a "Passphrases do not match"
warning during the process. I am under the assumption that it was
this error that led to my problems in Outlook and Outlook Express.

To remedy this problem, I had to completely shut down Outlook and OE.
Only after I do this, does everything return to normal.

Perhaps some others can investigate this problem as well.

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