PGP Keyserver in the DMZ

PGP Keyserver in the DMZ

Post by Gre » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:11:13

Can anyone provide some insight on how to configure a keyserver in our
DMZ for external clients to access our public keys?  I want it safe
and secure.  I read somewhere that it should be read only, but in
doing this I cannot figure out how to get replication from our
internal keyserver to work.  Also, if it is read only - external
clients cannot add their keys.

So - I am at a loss - anyone got any good how tos?!



1. How fast does a key spread from keyserver to keyserver?

I am curious how long it takes from the moment I have uploaded a public
key to a keyserver until it has appeared on the various mirrors.

I uploaded my keys to the one at, using the PGP for
Personal Privacy 5.0. This was days ago. Now, I still can't necessarily
retrieve it from, let's say the server in Norway.

Dominik Hoffmann

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