Why does this work with Word 97 but not Word 2000

Why does this work with Word 97 but not Word 2000

Post by hans » Wed, 13 Sep 2000 17:45:18

In one of my applications I use the addin template methode and than have the
toolbar available from that template. The line .CommandBars("MyBar").Enabled
= True is the code that doesn't work with word 2000. The .Commandbars.count
is always 107 regardless if I add other templates using the Addin methode.
This works in Word 97 however in Word 2000 it does not work and I get the
invalide procedure error message. This is the code in question:

Constant MYTEMPLATE = "C:\mytemplate.dot"

Set appWD = GetObject("", "Word.Application")
With appWD
' Add MyTemplate to Word
.AddIns.Add MYTEMPLATE, Install:=True
.CommandBars("MyBar").Enabled = True
End With


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Greetings all,

    We have implemented a document container in our application.  Everything
seems to work fine, until someone links to a Word95 doc.  When a user in
Word97 tries to "Activate" this document, it says "Linked object's source
class has changed."  This is the only time this happens.  If the document is
embedded there are no problems.

    What am I missing?  Some applications handle this correctly(Word,
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don't.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Casey Schmit

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