Small Business Server 2000 Download (German Version)

Small Business Server 2000 Download (German Version)

Post by Markus W?ssne » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 05:32:52

Hello Group,

on the MSDN Subscriber Downloads today I was able to find Small Business
Server 2000, but only the english version.
Problem is I need the german version of this product.
Does anybody know how to get this as an MSDN Universal subscriber (besides
buying it)?
Or will it someday come as part of the subscription?



Small Business Server 2000 Download (German Version)

Post by Gaetano Di Gregori » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 20:55:59


Like you, I've got this problem (but for the french version). I've asked
more than once to MSDN (here in this newsgroup and via the

- the SBS 2000 other languages where not available (download or CDs)
- the SBS 2000 CDs where not shipped (you are obliged to download them even
for english)

But I never got an real answer.

Like you, I'm upset by this situation. As MSDN Universal subscribers, we
should receive (or be able to download) SBS 2000 english and other

I hope they will hear us this time.



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Hi, I do hope someone can help on htis simple question.  
When setting up SBS 2000, I accepted the default IP
address for the server. etc, I then set up a
single domain, with DNS and a scope of to, as the site only has 25  workstations.  
all works perfectley.  Now in setting up Exchange, and
aagain accepting the deafuls, the IP Address is res set,
and then Worksations lose the network connections.  The
message does advise on changes to the IP Address.

Can I after this change, alter the IP back, or get the
workstations to use the new IP as set in the server.

Thanks in advance.


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