Windows 2000 Server EVAL - Can't extract all files from download.

Windows 2000 Server EVAL - Can't extract all files from download.

Post by Ben Smit » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I downloaded the Win2k Server Eval from MSDN yesterday.  When I try to
extract the files I get a CRC error on CDONTS.DL_ everytime.  If I hit
continue, it closes anyway.

Also, the key from the download area didn't work for me either.  I don't
know if this was a related or unrelated problem.

Can someone help me out?


Ben Smith


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Im receiving the Errors:

- "An internal Error acoured - The File Size is invalid on the Server"

or just a minute ago:

"General DB error!"

Any tipps!? Is anyone off you guys able to down this file?


Oliver Sommer [MCP, MCP+I,MCSE]
Trinity Computer Systeme [MCSP]

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