Help please - Mscomm Binary prolem

Help please - Mscomm Binary prolem

Post by Mari » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:07:53

I'm trying to capture a serial communication bettween a computer and multi
i/o controller.

I'm using VBTERM from the sample VB6 program.  The litle program let me see
any ascii transcation on the comm port, but the data bettween the computer
the mini-controler is using ( I guest ) an Hex format or a binary format,
all kinds of unreadable codes are coming up...  I would like to see these
in number ( Hex number).

The MsComm1.inputmode is set for Binary

the problem is to get it out in the textbox..  I try  a =
but it doesn't make the job...

Any ideas ?  Maybe I have to set something else ?

Mario Tardif

Mario Tardif


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Hello all, I have done a search on what I'm asking but could not find what I
was looking for. I have a radio that can be controlled via a comm. Port, but
I'm not over keen on the software that came with it. So I would like to have
a go at writing my own program using VB6. I have been able to send data to
the radio on my 1st attempt, which tuned the radio. What I could do with now
is some sample code from other more experienced programmers, to see how they
would address the com ports, to receive and send data to a remote machine.
Any information much appreciated.

Many thanks

Steve Pearson

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