Obtaining attribute info from an AD LDAP Server

Obtaining attribute info from an AD LDAP Server

Post by Simon Willia » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 10:15:07


No clue what I am doing in vb so can someone help?!

I need to write a simple script that returns the value of a particular
attribute in an active directory server.

I need to get the unique name of a group.  This is what I have so far:

set objGroup = GetObject (LDAP://cn=Group1, ou=groups, ou=americas,
dc=insidelive, dc=net)

strAcctName = objGroup.Get ("samaccountname")

Not really sure where to go from here or how to return this as I never
write vb.

Thanks in advance.



1. "LDAP://" & Info.UserName ???

Im trying to run the sample code at the following URL:
url=/library/en-us/wss/wss/_cdo_message_coclass.asp) and
for this line will not correctly execute.

iPer.DataSource.Open "LDAP://" & Info.UserName

any ideas??  Do I need to put a domain or server name??
Although I think I've tried just about everything like

I keep getting the error message 'The system cannot find
the specified path'

Any assistance would be great!


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