VBPs compile at command prompt, runs fine, VBG doesn't work

VBPs compile at command prompt, runs fine, VBG doesn't work

Post by Matthew Herrma » Sat, 04 May 2002 09:16:34

Hi All,

I have a project which was previously in one VBP that I have broken
into multiple projects. I can successfully compile all of the separate
DLLs and OCXs and build them into an application.

The problem is that when I try to edit all simultaneously in VB using
a project group file, I get no end of problems.

At the moment I have two choices, neither of which is feasible:

1) No Compatibility
Remove all dlls, ocxs entirely, unregister them, rebuild in the
correct order. Run EXE. Works. Pain if I want to actually write code,
since I've now lost my IDE and de*.

2) Binary Compatibility
remove all dlls, ocxs entirely, set all projects to bin compatibility.
recompile all in the correct order. i think this actually worked in
the ide. major drama if i want to (heaven forbid) change a function's
arguments: go out, recompile every single file again. re-enter ide.

if i try to set the binary compatibility to a Stub.vbp, which i
recompile 7 or 8 times with No Compatibility set (to get new classid
and typelib ids), containing a single Stub.Cls with one method Public
Sub Stub(). Then, when I set binary comp for each project to a
different stub file (to avoid overlapping the same magic numbers), I
get a cyclic reference error. Clearly this is bogus since I was
successfully able to compile and run the project without compatibility

Is there any way to get this to work!!

All help greatly appreciated.

Matthew Herrmann


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