Regarding DLLs

Regarding DLLs

Post by Mahes » Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:25:35

How to put resources such as dialog,etc., in DLLs so as to produce DLLs such as
English.dll; French.dll; German.dll, etc., so that another application can load
the DLL using LoadLibrary function and set the resources using AfxSetResource
handle accordingly.

The problem I faced was, when I developed a MFC Extension Dll using Appwizard exe
(DLL),and when I build the project,there was only *.lib file and No *.dll file in
the Debug/Release directory.So, how to build and get a *.dll file?

Give me step-by-step instructions as to how to develop a DLL to put resources so
as to develop different language support.


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I have written the code for a date time picker(found it on the web) and
generated the .dll files (windows controls) i have added it as a reference
to the project where i am using it and then deployed into the HandHeld. now
when i want to delete the application (.EXE) file from the hand held then an
error message pops up saying unable to delete the .DLL file asking me to
check the path and to see whether the memory location is filled up or not.
Kindly let me know of how to solve this problem.

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