Distributing Crystal Runtime Files to a Client machine

Distributing Crystal Runtime Files to a Client machine

Post by Alex Ayzi » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 01:09:50

Hi all,

I have MS VS.Net Developer Edition running on Win 2000.
I'm trying to deploy a  win applciation with Crystal Report setup. The
Distributing Crystal Runtime Files to a Client machine help file says:
"There are 19 merge modules (MSM) you can include in your setup package
to simplify your distribution. The MSI merge modules can be found in
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Crystal Reports\Redist"
directory." The thing is, I don't have Redist folder in that or any
other directories. I've found them C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET\Common Files\Merge Modules folder, but Managed_enu.msm
wasn't actually there at all. Anybody else experinced that situation?

Also, how should I include vb.net app + crystal report setup into
deployment project correctly. I've installed .Net Framework
redistributable on the server, so I wouldn't need to create a bootstrap
file. I've tried all ways I can think of, MSI files get created, I run
installation but nothing gets installed, I guess I do something wrong.
Can anybody point me to the right direction, please.

Thank you,

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I created a setup project using Visual Studio Installer 1.1 (Any new version
availabe? I can't find update information on Microsoft's Web site), and
added the following merge modules:


as what MSDN tells me to do.

But after running the setup on a fresh installation of Windows 2000 Advanced
Server, I got a message telling me that keycodeV2.dll could not be found.

On my development Windows 2000 Pro system, I have the folder C:\Program
Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions and several of its sub-folders. But I
cannot find corresponding folder on the new installation system.

Am I missing some merge modules or something?


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