COM / .NET interop

COM / .NET interop

Post by Stijn Lamber » Wed, 28 May 2003 22:36:21

Hello all,

Is it in any way possible to call a .NET-assembly from VB6-COM when:

* It's not residing in the calling-application's Path
* I don't want to register it in the machines GAC (Global assembly cache)

I already exported te TypeLib-info using Regasm.exe /tlb, but the
COM-application can't find the .NET assembly because it's in another

Is there any way to let the COM-object know where to search for the
.NET-assembly outside of it's own path and outside of the GAC ?


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Going live and hit a snag...!

We have a    [vbdotnet.exe]   referencing a    [vb6COM.dll]   referencing a
( this is because we have proprietary code in the vb6COM.dll and too easy to
see if in .net code...)

Built an installation package in which ALL dlls'  Register  property is set
to:  vsdraCOMRelativePath

Referencing etc all works fine in the DEV environment BUT the COM.dll throws
multiple errors, for example:
"ActiveX component could not create object" once installed on the Test

My assumption is that this is all to do with referencing/registration of
each component.
Each time the   [vbdotnet.dll]   is rebuilt, it needs to be re-referenced in
the [vb6COM.dll] and THAT then needs recompiling (maintaining compatibility,
same GUID etc)

Is there something else that needs to be set/configured on the
target/install machine to enable this COM/.Net interop to work?
Should the COM.dll be packaged seperately...??


Thanks, LM

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