How to get a checkbox in a Treeview to appear checked AND grayed out

How to get a checkbox in a Treeview to appear checked AND grayed out

Post by Claire Kar » Fri, 12 Oct 2001 22:40:21

I am using a Treeview control on a Form.
The treeview allows users to choose different reports to be exported.
There is a root treenode, and children treenodes under it.
I need to make the root treenode's checkbox appear checked AND grayed if
there are some but not all of the children treenodes checked. It appears
that the Treenode class has a Checked property that I can set when I want
but I do not see how I can gray out the checkbox.

If anyone has an idea about how to achieve this, please let me know.

Claire Kari


1. Make Checkbox Gray in TreeView OR ThreeStat TreeView CheckBox


    I am using Treeview control in C# windows application. In that
each node contains Check Box and Image (it represents  view as windows
explorer with addition of checkboxes).

 Now problem is if  I select only few nodes  the parent node of the
selected nodes should be diplayed with the State of Checkbox as
checked and that checkbox in in gray color. How Can I make checkboxes
in gray color?

 Or Is there any possiblity to have CheckState like CheckBox  having
Three State for TreeView control CheckBoxes?


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