Visual Studio Add-ins installer doesn't work

Visual Studio Add-ins installer doesn't work

Post by MS » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 08:21:47

Quote:> I created a new Solution to create Visual Studio Add-ins. It's strange,
> somehow the installer that the wizard created doesn't seem to be working
> well. When I make changes to the add-in, then uninstall and re-install, my
> add-ins won't work properly. I have to keep repeating install/uninstall
> rebuilding a few times, until it starts working. I couldn't see a pattern
> it. Am I missing some conceptual clue, or is this whole thing just
> dysfunctional?

> I keep getting 'class not registered' error after running install.


This is not really a VSA question -- someone in the VSIP or VS groups may



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1. Visual Studio Installer doesn't work

I have tried everything, on two difference machines, but no matter how simple a Visual
Basic project I try to build with the new 1.1 Visual Studio Installer I always get exactly
the same result, including using the examples that came with it:

The module collection failed to build
Build failed (Class not registered)

Both machines run VB6 professional SP5.

Any clues?


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