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I'm in need of a DB2 ODBC for use in InterDev.  Do I need buy InterDev 6
to get it or is it out on the web for downloading?

Thanks for your help!


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Hello Jassim,

I can't understand why everybody always wants to use ODBC to
connect to an AS/400 DB/2-database.

IBM has an OLE DB provider for this, that is included in CA for

But keep in mind, when using OLE DB provider from IBM that
the creation of the update, insert and delete-statements will fail,
because the way MS creates that statements is incompatible with
the statements used by SQL400 (the AS/400 SQL language).
So uncheck the creation of those three commands (in advanced
in the connection wizard), because they simply do not work.
You can create those statements yourself, and if you ever find out
HOW, please let me know, cause i got stucked there also.

Anyway, to avoid those problems mentioned above, use the old
style ADO instead of ADO.NET until MS or IBM has a fix for
this, you're warned :-) The old style works perfect, but uses
recordsets instead of DataSets.

Hope this helps.



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