Selecting a specific column in the selected row of a DataGrid

Selecting a specific column in the selected row of a DataGrid

Post by rhaaz » Sat, 01 Jul 2006 23:33:27

I'm using VS2003 and working with a datagrid.

The datagrid is filled using a dataset.

After the DataGrid is filled the user may be inclinded to select one of
these entries, if the user selects a row I want to be able to store the
value belonging to a specific column in the row.  Right now im using
the CurrentCellChange event and calling
datagrid1[datagridcell.rownumber, x]. but that isn't working very


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Here's what I want to do:

desplay a bunch of data using a DataGrid and I want the user to be able to
click on any row and see it highlighted (say by changing all cell bkg prop.
color on that row).  Can a DataGrid do this w/ out all the inline templating
code that I'll have to write to do it manually - eg inserting unique cell
id's, onclick events for each cell etc ..

Note the key requirment is for the user to be able to select anywhere on the
row (not a naff <select> row).

Ie how can I get the DataGrids onItemCommand to fire from a mouse event in a
databound column.

Any sugestions at all would be apreciated, even alternative strategies.

Thanks in advance,
Michael McDowell
2A Queensbridge Rd.
London E2 8NR
Tel. (home): + (44) 20 7613 2580
       (mobile): + (44) 410023 659

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