WebBrowser control/web disappears after hiding/showing

WebBrowser control/web disappears after hiding/showing

Post by Lin Bo Re » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 14:46:37

   I hide the form on which a webbrowser control is using the following in
the form_resize event:


After when the form is restored to normal the Webbrowser(wbMain) is
invisible and when made visible the contains are not shown, just a white
   this.Top=miTop;        /saved values to restore

How do I refresh the page without reloading it(there is dynamically inserted
And is there a better way to minimize and restore from the Notify Icon Tray?

Thanks in Advance,


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I have 2 questions:

1. When I hide a form using this.Hide(); then restore it using this.Show();
that contains a WebBrowser object, I discover that the contains are not
viewable, just a blank white space where my web page once was.  On
inspecting, the object's .Visible property it shows it's true.  I've tried
.Refresh(), .Show(); What am I missing.  Any way to refresh or repaint the

2. Since I'll be using this Windows.Form application that hosts the
WebBrowser control, can I inside the WebBrowser control use Windows.Forms
Controls?  If so, How?


Thanks in Advance,

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