Visual Studio Installation Error: 1317

Visual Studio Installation Error: 1317

Post by Gauta » Fri, 16 May 2003 01:41:50

I am trying to install Visual studio.NET in my D drive.
In the middle of the installation it gives an error:1317

Error Description : Error occured while attempting to
create the directory "D:\Program Files"

Can anyone help?


1. Error 1317 during VS Studio .Net installation

System: W2K SP3 Components installation ok!

I have to install VS Studio .Net 2002 on another partition than that
where WINNT resides. So I change the directory to E:\Programs\Visual
Studio ... at the beginning of the install procedure.
The installation process than goes on for a while and stops with a
prompt: Error 1317. Can't create directory E:\Programs\Visual Studio ...
although in the meantime the setup created exactly that directory
filling it with myriads of files.

Of course I did stop all other non necessary services like AV program
and firewall.

Thanks for any advice!


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