TreeView: deleting node

TreeView: deleting node

Post by Jacob Grass [MVP » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 01:18:37

> Thanks a lot,

> That is what I need, an event that is triggered before the node is Removed
> from the nodes collection.

You might check out the latest issue of Visual Studio Magazine.  Francesco
Balena has an article on creating customized collections and he mentions
(and provides examples for) adding events for removal and addition to them.

Jacob Grass
Microsoft .NET MVP
Check out


1. TreeView - retrieving node index by node name.


Is it possible to retrieve node index of TreeView knowing the name (text
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I need this operation during creating new nodes basis on data from
relational database. When i get next values from database (parent and child)
i have to check is it parent value was inserted as treenode earlier or not.


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