context sensitive help?

context sensitive help?

Post by Wade Dorrel » Fri, 30 Nov 2001 04:08:13

How can I provide "mouseover" help for properties and methods I define? I
have tried using the System.ComponenentModel.Description attribute, but that
text is not showing up anywhere I want it to. I'd like the description to
show up in the Object Browser, in type libraries created using tlbexp, etc.
(And ideally I'd like to add help context and help file information too.) I
know this has got to be easy, but I can't find documentation on it anywhere.




1. context sensitive help


I have a problem using context sensitive help from my .Net
eVB gave us the HelpClick event for each form and using
this you could use
the CreateProcess api call to call peghelp with your file,
unfortunatly .NET
CF does not expose a HelpClick event.
Does anybody know something different I could use?

thanks, Michael

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