TextArea to Memo Field ?

TextArea to Memo Field ?

Post by Darrin Burn » Wed, 09 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,
I have a VFP 'free table' with fields 'name' (character) and 'descript'

I can connect, etc. and can input info. from the ASP page to the table
ONLY if the <textarea> is ONE line long.  If I hit the return key in the

textarea, I get an error while trying to insert it into the 'descript'

<% newname = request.form("inname")
      newdescrip = request.form("indescript") %>

<% SQL = "Insert into temp(name, descript)"
      Sql = sql & "values("
      Sql = sql & chr(39) & (newname) & chr(39) & ","
      Sql = sql & chr(39) & (newdescrip) & chr(39) & ");"

I can print to the screen showing the values, but can only insert into
the table if memo is one line.

thanks in advance,
Darrin Burns


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when i tried to insert  a new record through a vb.net and
oledb foxpro provider to foxpro table and this table had a
memo field :
  cmd.Connection = OleDbConnection1
        Dim i As Integer
dim f as integer=400
        Dim str1 As String = "d"
        For i = 0 To
            str1 = "d" + str1
        cmd.CommandText = "insert into table1 values ('" &
str1 & "')"


i faced  this error :
Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword
caz the oledb can't put a value more than 254 in a memo
field. what can i do??????


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