Generate database schema using

Generate database schema using

Post by Pramod Mahade » Wed, 22 Aug 2001 03:45:21

  I would like to create database tables in ORACLE from
xml schema. I have seen that Dataset in ADO .NET does
this. I have not seen any code that actually takes this
dataset and creates the tables for persistence storage.
How do I use this dataset that is constructed from XML
schema in memory and translate it into set of SQL commands
to generate the schema for persistence. What am I missing.
Please help.

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I have to read the schema of a database. The datbase could
be Microsft Access or Oracle. The only thing i can pass on
is the connection string. The result i need to get is all
the tables we have in the database ( i mean tables created
by the user not the system tables) and the fields in those

The way I was thinking initilly was to use OleDbConnection
to connect to database and then use FillSchema method of
DataAdapter to read schema, and then enumerate
DataColoumnCollection to retireve fields information.

The problem with this approach is For DataAdapter i need
to pass the tables, right? How to retrieve tables
information only throug OleDbConnection?

Please guide me if there is any other simpler way of doing
this. Any links or code sample could be really helpful.

Please could you provide me some links, sample code on how
to do this using c# and ADO.NET

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