Connect ADODB to a system DSN

Connect ADODB to a system DSN

Post by Rami » Thu, 29 May 2003 13:36:26

Hi All,

How can I connect ADODB to a system DSN.




1. Connecting to a System DSN?!

Make up a system DSN configured the way you want for Access and user
"DSN=yourdsnname" in the connection string in the ODBC .NET data provider.
You will have to specify UID= and PWD= as well if your Access database is
password protected.

Bob Beauchemin


I have a problem about how to do a connection to a
microsoft access database through an ODBC System DSN.

When I try to do it with OleDB it says that it doesn't
support it. I have also tried to download and use the
ODBC .NET Data Provider, but the JET (Microsoft Access)
provider there only lets you specify an absolute path to
the *.mdb file and I want to specify a system dsn.

Please let me know if youve got any solutions to this!?

/ Joel

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