MFC MDI application and .Net MDI child windows - Can it be done?

MFC MDI application and .Net MDI child windows - Can it be done?

Post by Jerry Anderso » Fri, 24 May 2002 08:14:11


I have an existing MFC MDI application that hosts ActiveX
Documents. It is not possible to change the MFC
application at this time. I would like to be able
host .Net MDI windows within the MFC MDI application. My
question is - can it be done?



1. How to know another MDI Child form is on top of the current MDI Child form?

At first, it seems to me that it is a no brainer. I used
GotFocus/LostFocus for that. I found that it didn't work.
When I put an MDI Child on top, LostFocus didn't get
called. But, when the top MDI Child is gone, GotFocus gets
called! I also tried Deactivated. It didn't work, either.

Does anyone know how to detect the current form is pushed
back by another form? Thank you for your help.

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