How to prevent controls of a collection being inserted in Controls property when control is pasted?

How to prevent controls of a collection being inserted in Controls property when control is pasted?

Post by Eberhard Beilhar » Wed, 01 May 2002 05:11:42

I have a control with a collection of buttons. Via the CollectionEditor I
can insert buttons at design time. If I copy and paste the control, VS
creates a copy of the control and its buttons, but inserts the buttons also
in the Controls property of the form!

How can I prevent the buttons being inserted in the Controls property when
pasting the control?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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I am attempting to iterate through a collection of controls on a
TabPage.  As I iterate through them, I want to determine the type of
the control and then assign some property, i.e. radiobutton.checked =
False, TextBox.Text = "", etc.
I can get through both collections fine but once I determine the type,
do I have to cast the control to a radiobutton type to get it to
recognize the radio button properties?

fyi: TabEvents is a TabControl

Here's the code I have so far:

Dim MyTab as System.Windows.Forms.TabPage
Dim c as Control

For Each MyTab in TabEvents.TabPages
     For Each c in MyTab.Controls
        If c.GetType Is GetType(System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton) Then
           ????? How do I get my control to recognize the checked
                      property for a RadioButton  ????

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