Calling method on remote obj with remote obj parm

Calling method on remote obj with remote obj parm

Post by Kris » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 01:19:52


I would like advice on the following situation (so far i have posted on a few newsgroups and got no reply to my queries, so i hope i am not asking the wrong questions):

Basically i have a class called Filter which is set up to be an activated type on the client and server configs

<activated type="Workflow.KwfRemoteServer.Filter, KwfRemoteObjectsServer" />

I have generated a dll using SoapSuds for my client.

I can create a Filter object fine with the code:
Filter oFilter = (Filter)Activator.CreateInstance("KwfRemoteObjectsServer", "Workflow.KwfRemoteServer.Filter").Unwrap();

I can also set properties in my object.

I have another remote object with a method called OpenDefinitionlist which takes in a IFilter object as a parameter (the interface the Filter implements).

When i try and pass the Filter object as a parameter i get this error : System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException : Cannot load type System.Runtime.Remoting.Services.RemotingClientProxy

I have gotten this error in every similar situation. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong? I think it doesnt seem to be linking to the Object on the server or something and is trying to load the proxy object.

Basically i am asking how do i send a remote object as a parameter in a method of another remote object.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas as this is pretty important to me.


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