Timer Weird Behaviour and MSHTML knowing it

Timer Weird Behaviour and MSHTML knowing it

Post by Geminima » Fri, 16 May 2003 01:47:49

I'm using Tim Anderson's excellent HTMEditor control and it's great in every
case but one, so I'm looking here for help because he and I both seem to be

What's happening is that I have a timer control running in the background
that fires and checks if there are any reminders for the user. If they're
are, it displays them in a form like so:

frmReminders frm = new frmReminders(dataTable); //Data Table passed to be
able to list the reminders
frm.MdiParent = this; // this = the form that the timer is on, which is also
an MDI Container.

So far so good.

However, something very odd happens when you open another WindowsForm. You
can sort of tell that there is something weird going on by the debugging if
you have any errors on that window. It does really weird things.  But you
can really tell (because it crashes out with an external component error) if
you have an HTMLEditor control on the form.

So what's the deal here? Timers in .net don't seem to work the same way that
they do in VB6, but that might be because they are threaded or something
that I don't know about.

Anyone else having issues like this? Any work arounds? I cannot get it to
bring the form opening back into process...

thanks for any ideas you might have.
James Hancock


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Hi Sirs

I'm using VS.net RC and I'm facing some weird problems.
When adding a eventHandler for the ondblclick - the browser does not respond
on single click at all - meaning that I cannot use the links of form fields
at all???? This is weird isn't it??

Anybody solved this problem

My test Code

Object dummy = null;

axWebBrowser1.Navigate( "http://www.oticon.com", ref dummy, ref dummy, ref
dummy, ref dummy );

MessageBox.Show( "Wait" ); // just a dummy messagebox

mshtml.HTMLDocument doc = (mshtml.HTMLDocument)axWebBrowser1.Document;

mshtml.HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event eve = ((mshtml.HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event)

eve.ondblclick += new mshtml.HTMLDocumentEvents2_ondblclickEventHandler(
this.Imclick ); //when adding this handle I can't use the links or form

merry christmas

regards morten

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