there's a control's ItemTemplate repeater collection?

there's a control's ItemTemplate repeater collection?

Post by Andrés Girald » Sat, 22 Mar 2003 00:03:44

Hi, thanks for answer me!

That's ok, but what if I want to do it from the server?
I need something like a collection to go trough... is it possible?

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Hey There.

Here's my problem:

I have a user control that has client-side code (via the <control
name>.attributes("onclick") = <whatever> property).  the "onclick" event is
going to trigger a javascript function to hide and show a <DIV>;  the
parameter I pass for this function is the <DIV> id ..

NOTE:  There's only ONE DIV in this usercontrol and it's named "pnlSubMenu"

eg.  whatever.attributes("onClick") = "showHideDiv('pnlSubMenu');"

Now, since this is in a user control, I want to be able to use this many
times over, but since I need to pass the DIV id to the "showHideDiv" js
function, I need to know how to access the id of the _currently
instantiated_ DIV.

if, for example, I have this user control 3 times in a webform, I notice
that .NET prefixes the id for the 'pnlSubMenu' for each instance with
something like "NavItem?" (so my final id for the instance would be
NavItem1_pnlSubMenu, NavItem2_pnlSubMenu, etc. for each instance of the user

Is there a way to find out the prefix that's gonna be appended at runtime to
the UserControl's control collection?

(Did this question make ANY sense to you guys? :P  let me know... )


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