Upgrade pricing question

Upgrade pricing question

Post by Ian McCa » Sat, 03 Aug 2002 06:08:16


I'm trying to get a list of products that would qualify me for upgrade
pricing. Specifically, I have an old version of Visual J++ 1.0 and
would like to know if I can upgrade from that.

Can anyone help? Does anyone know if VJ++ 1.0 is eligable as a product
to upgrade from?

Thanks in advance for any information,


1. VS.NET Pro: Full vs. Upgrade Pricing

I don't own any Microsoft development products, but I'm thinking about
buying Visual Studio.NET Professional.  Unless I'm mistaken, buying
the full version makes no sense.  Here's how I break down my options:

    Full version: $1079.

    Upgrade: $549 (VC++ 6.0 Full)
             + $549 (VS.NET Pro Upg)
             - $300 (rebate)
             = $798.

Or have I missed something?

Eric Hanneken

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