Accessing Other User Controls and Parents From User Control

Accessing Other User Controls and Parents From User Control

Post by Phil » Fri, 08 Apr 2005 14:30:33

Hi All,

I have a user control hierachy as follows:

- Main Page
   |--- User Control 1
   |       |--- User Control 1.1
   |       |--- User Control 1.2
   |--- User Control 2

My questions are:

1. How would i invoke a method in User Control 2 from User Control 1...
i know this probably doesn't make sense to do this but i would be
interested to know how anyway.

2. How would i reference an attribute/method in Main Page from any of
the User Controls?

3. How would i get the name of the Main Page from User Control 1 so
that i could dynamically build a URL... for example... in User Control
1, i want to create the following URL:<main page>?SomeId1=1&SomeId2=2

...obviously if User Control 1 is being called from a number of
different places <main page> is going to be different each time, so how
do i get that value?

Any help would be much appreciated,



Accessing Other User Controls and Parents From User Control

Post by jcves » Fri, 08 Apr 2005 20:52:54

(1) to get reference to MainPage from any of the usercontrols, use thje
Page property of the UserControl
(2) To refer to UserControl 1 from UserControl 2, you would access the
Controls property of the Main Page (Note - I believe you can see UC-1
and UC-2 in the Controls property, but I don't believe you can see
UC-1.1 or UC-2.2 ... I don't recall there being a "All" collection like
there is in DOM)
(3) To get the URL, use MyUserControl.Page.Request.ApplicationPath
(which gets you to the current application root virtual path)

Hope that helps - Joe.


Accessing Other User Controls and Parents From User Control

Post by jcves » Fri, 08 Apr 2005 21:05:35

to locate UC-2 from UC-1, assuming you know the ID of UC-2 :

private function FindUC2(UC2ID as string) as system.web.ui.usercontrol
dim ctrl as control
dim pg as =
for each ctrl in pg
    if ctrl.ID=UC2ID then return ctype(ctrl,system.web.ui.usercontrol)
return nothing
end function

Also, you can use the ResolveUrl method of the Page to  convert a
relative path (which you're likely to have) into an absolute virtual
path that can be given to a browser.



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