Relection in Remoting

Relection in Remoting

Post by Ryan Lu [M » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:51:17

Hi Joe,

Sorry for the delay due to OOF these days. If the problem still exists,
please try to use following code and have another test:

Assembly ab1 = Assembly.LoadFrom( "B1.dll");
Assembly ab2 = Assembly.LoadFrom( "B2.dll");

object b1 = ab1.CreateInstance("B.ClassB");
object b2 = ab2.CreateInstance("B.ClassB");

MethodInfo m = b1.GetType().GetMethod("testmethod");
Console.WriteLine(m.Invoke( b1, null ));
m = b2.GetType().GetMethod("testmethod");
Console.WriteLine(m.Invoke( b2, null ));

BTW, you do not need to add any reference to B.dll or B2.dll when
compiling/running your code.

Best regards,


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