PM Role at Los Angeles CA(Strong Data Background is must)

PM Role at Los Angeles CA(Strong Data Background is must)

Post by ankit ran » Sat, 03 Nov 2012 03:57:35


Please review the below job details and let me know your interest,

Position : Project Manager
Location : Los Angeles CA
Duration : Short Term

Please find the key points regarding the PM role below -

In addition to strong project management skills (demonstrated ability to
create and manage a project plan, identify and resolve issues, track and
report progress), we are looking for a relatively senior/experienced PM who:

        Has experience in setting up and planning a program level or
portfolio level effort.
        Best if that experience includes data management or warehousing.
 Also must have some knowledge of Agile development methodologies.   Best
if the candidate has experience with Agile in large, data-centric programs.
        Has managed distributed project resources.  Some will be in CA,
others in CT.
        Can work (and plan) across business efforts, development efforts,
infrastructure, and organizational/governance.
        Demonstrates strong collaboration and communication skills.

Candidate needs to be willing to travel. If in CT, willing to go to LA
almost weekly. If in LA, willing to travel to CT occasionally.

Ankit R
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