Visual Studio.NET Question

Visual Studio.NET Question

Post by Shane Baue » Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:13:27


I recently misplaced my Visual Studio.NET serial number.  Does anyone know
how I could get that back? Is there a Microsoft phone number that I can



1. Visual Studio.NET - ASP.NET Web App Project Question.


I'm having some difficulty starting/creating an web application
It gives me a warning that reads: "The UNC share
\\\wwwroot$\xyz\WebApplication1 does not exist or you do
not have access."

It's a free brinkster account and I wanted to learn off of it, but I
can't even create the project!
When the "New Project" dialog comes up, I choose ASP.NET Web Application and
as the Location I put

I'm running WinXP Pro with Visual Studio.NET and trying to code in C#. I
DON'T have iis on this system (thus want to connect remotely.) I would also
like to connect to a sql server that I have on a different domain. Can I
link these three things together? Little help? The free brinkster account
doesn't allow "frontpage extensions" so I can't try that either.. I think it
might be some authenticiation since I'm never prompted for a password for
that account.. any leads on how to change that? or does it always use the
windows integrated login?

help is always much appreciated!


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